Revisiting the Main Components for a Compensable Claim: Whether an Accident “Arises Out of” and “In the Course of Employment.”

To recover benefits under the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act, an employee must establish by a preponderance of the evidence (more than 50%) that the accident both arose out of and was in the course of his or her employment. Neb. Rev. Stat. § 48-101;  Logsdon v. ISCO Co., 260 Neb. 624, 618 N.W.2d 667 (2000).  […]


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The penalty provisions of the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act can be stiff, but with diligent investigation and effective communication, they are easily avoidable. The primary penalties are 50% waiting time penalties on indemnity benefits and attorney’s fees.  The penalties are triggered when an employer and/or insurance carrier fail to pay compensable indemnity or medical expenses […]